Thursday, March 19, 2009


week 1: find websites for bullying
week 2: Make the games
week3:continue making the games
week 4:add finishing toches

Changes in our plan
week 1:find websites about bullying
week 2:make the game
week 3:change project
week 4:finish power point and add finishing touches


4 Comment on how well you worked on the project.
i think i worked very hard and completed my project.
5.What did you do well?
we worked well on our slide show and we worked well in designing the slide show and making it look interesting instead of boring.
6. What could you improve upon?
maybe we could add some more information and add more picture.
7.What would you do differently...and why?
We were doing games but it dident work out correctly if we had more time i would do gaes because it seems very interesting to make your own game.
8. Compare your predicted time plan with the actual project process and give reasons for changes.
It was different because we took much more time looking for websites for games but we dident find any sites to make our own game.
9. Comment on any difficulties you had while doing this project and how you overcame them.
We had some difficulties when we were doing games because we dident really do anything because it was a very hard topic to do and we dident find anything that can help us.
10.Mention feedback you received from your testers and summarise / analyse the results.
11. Explain the impact of your project. product on;
• Yourself: i created a power point production for bullying an i felt good for it.
• Others:ho wto be safe in the playground nd not be scared to ask a grown up.
• The environment/society:in the playground not to be scared and be safe.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bullying Investigation

Bullying Investigation

What is Bullying ?
Bullying is when people hit, kick, tease, call names etc ... to other people .
Bulling can happen anywhere, anyplace.

All the websites I looked at are well designed and their information is clear for all ages, all different people look at bullying websites , like kids,counsellors,parents and teenagers everyone looks at bullying websites for alot of different reasons.
Usually the websites are for us to get some information from but in some different websites you can do alot of things , some have quizzes or games to help you learn better. But some of the games are usually made for kids but sometimes they are hard which is then supposed to be for teenagers.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

How can I make use of established and emerging technology tools to support media awareness about bullying in school? What are the best tools to use for effective communication?
You can use them to show how bad bullying in school is and how it effects all the kids in a bad way , also how to deal with bullying or bullying without being aware of it.
Videos , Games and very creative colourful brochures.

What are the features of each animation software? In other words, describe what each can do and what they can create.

Brochures ; Can Be Passed around to people , if they are colourful they might be very attractive to children and their attitude towards bullying.

Posters ; The same as brochures they must be colourful and useful to attract the children to be affective.

games ; They Are very Fun , And The Children Will Learn In A Fun & Safe Environment.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using each one?

The advantage of games out of the 3 is that they're learning while playing a fun game , children learn better when the affect of learning if out in a attractive way .

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A. How well does your product work?
It works quite well it has lots of picutres and in the same time there are lots of information to tel you about the picture.
Does it do everything that you said it would do and does it do it well?
yes ofcource because i checked all my information on the internet to be sure of what my information sais.
B. How well did you work at each stage of the design cycle?
In a good level

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Why is communication so important during an emergency?
Communication is important during an emergency because if a disease strikes your country you can do a blogger about it so all the people around the world now that your country is in danger you can also print out papers and pictures and information of what might happen to your country.
What forms of communication have been used during recent disasters e.g Hurricane Katrina, the Tsunami?

Lots of forms were used when these disasters happened like:
(Google added some pictures and sites for information.)

(Blogs also had information and lots of pictures.)
(Face book made lots of groups to save these countries from all the diseases it included pictures.)
there were phones and T.Vs and internet and lot of more forms were used.
What essential information needs to be communicated during a disaster or emergency?

Food,shelter and clothes and safety.
What information can be created before the emergency? What information needs to be communicated during the emergency?
Before the emergency they could have a site about all dangerous things that might happen to countries but during the mergency they could comunicate with phones or internet they could use sites to let every body now whats happening to them they could also send text messages to people they now to spread as long as it can ad people will help that country from there disaster.
What hardware and software is required to be able to communicate online?
They could use different hardware and software like:(,,, and more software.)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

IT Information Design Cycle

The design cycle is made out of 4 parts these parts are called (Investigate,Plan,Create and Evaluate) 
In investigate there is 3 parts and they are 
(Identify the problem,Develop the design brief,Formulate a design specification) 
In Plan there is 2 parts they are:
(Design a product solution and Plan a product solution)
In Create there is 3 parts they are:
(Create the product solution,Follow the plan,Use aspiration techniques and equipments)
In evaluate there is 2 parts they are:
(Evaluate their use of the design cycle,Evaluate the product solution)

3 softwares that can help us in research diseases and strikes are: Face book,Google and flickr